Christine Comyn

°Tielt, BE, 1957

Education: Saint-Luke Academy, Ghent Professional artist since 1983

During the first twenty years of her career, Christine Comyn was known for her large acrylic paintings and watercolours. Her favourite subjects were portraits of young women, as she wanted to come as close as possible to paint that “perfect face”. In 2007 she started to combine her passion for contemporary female portraits with her interest for 18th century art and history, more specifically the character of Marie Antoinette, last queen of France. In the series of “La Douceur de l'Ignorance”, Christine shows that the present is definitely often a mirror of the past: humanity always evolving, but this evolution progresses in cyclic waves. As beauty remains a very important facet of Comyn's work, the artist is also very inspired by dance. Through the canvas she brings her own interpretation language of the body into the picture.

BOOKS: “Christine Comyn”, Ars Libris, 1997; “Christine Comyn”, Art In Belgium, 2000; “True Colours”, Museum Van Lien, 2003; “Christine Comyn”, Art In Belgium, 2006; “Marie Antoinette & La Douceur de l’Ignorance”, Lanoo, 2010


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