Martin Hollebecq

Point de fuite
Convergence murale
Pesanteur Apesanteur
Torsion Cubique
Assemblage Tectonique
Structure rouge

Martin Hollebecq is a Belgian artist born in 1962 in Comines.

His sculptures testify a distinct beauty and complexity of materials and their endless possibilities. Whether it is one single block or an assembly of various elements, his creations radiate a striking energy. It is quite obvious that the materials Martin works with possess the desired assets to enter into dialogue with nature or their surroundings.

Working with either rough or polished stone the artists creates geometrical shapes that mysteriously seem to reach infinitely far. Or he opts for a succession of different elements which are connected by a flowing movement. Through his continuous search for the most essential shapes and lines the sculptures by Martin Hollebecq radiate a pure force which one immediately recognizes.

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