Jürgen Lingl

Jürgen Lingl

Bust of Lion "The Dude"
Bust of Lioness "Curiosity"
Bust of Cheetah to his left, down
Buste de tigre
Buste de panthère, gueule ouverte
Buste de jeune lion
Buste de guépard
Buste de Cheval
Buste de jeune lion
Sitting Panther (to his right)
But of Panther 'Rilke"

Jürgen Lingl was born in 1971 in Bad Tölz, Bavaria, Germany.

As a child Jürgen would paint and draw everything he set eyes on: animals, people, buildings, landscapes. Already at the age of 20 a gallery in Dachau exhibited his work, mainly studies of nudes.

Jürgen enjoyed a wood sculptor apprenticeship with Master Hans-Joachim Seitfudem and thereafter successfully found his own niche, creating sculptures with a chainsaw. The sculptures appear like drawings, drawn with a chainsaw in a three dimensional space, whereby colour adds a poetic touch to it. The combination of the rugged wood and selected use of colour is the powerful component and so typifies Lingl’s personal style. His sculptures of animals are very realistic and mirror their natural characteristics.They often seem majestic but their beauty is also soothing somehow. They shelter love for the human eyes, the passion the artist is able to instill in all of his work. Jürgen Lingl-Rebetez works are found both in private and public collections across Europe, the US and Canada.

Absolute Art Gallery, Brussels, BE

Leonhard’s Gallery – Antwerp, BE
Absolute Art Gallery, Bruges, BE


 Leonhard’s Gallery – Antwerp, BE


‘Between You And Me’ Leonhard’s Gallery, Antwerp, BE


Art Gent, BE


"Animalists - Animaliers" Absolute Art Gallery, Brugge, BE

Galerie Schortgen, Luxembourg

Galerie Univers du Bronze – Paris, France

Art London – UK

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