Lu Luo

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°Sichuan (China)

The Chinese artist Lu Luo  received her artistic training at the Si Chuan College of Fine Arts in ChongQin. In 1992 she and her husband travelled to The Netherlands where they both continued their training at the Minerva Academy in Groningen. In 2007 Lu Luo and her husband Zhuang Hong Yi had a duo exhibition in the Groninger Museum. In the last five years Lu Luo has been inspired by theatre costumes from the traditional Chinese opera. She not only applies the visual and formal language of these old costumes, but she physically incorporates the costumes into her work and transforms them into two-dimensional pieces of art. The power and awe of the antique opera costumes can still be discerned, showing Luo's great respect for the ancient Chinese opera culture. Simultaneously, she gives them a fresh, contemporary interpretation with her own artistic twist. 

Absolute Art Gallery, Brugge, BE

Groninger Museum, Groningen, NL

Seasons Galleries, Den Haag, NL

Groninger Museum, Groningen, NL

Galerie Waalkers, Finsterwolde, NL

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