Kiko Miyares

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Kiko Miyares was born on the April 27 in 1977 in Llanes, in the Asturian Province in Spain.

After his studies at the Faculty of Beaux Arts at the ‘Universidad Publica del Païs Vasco’ he started exhibiting his work in Bilbao. He entered the Guggenheim Museum from 2002 to 2009.
Miyares is present on the main art fairs and in important galleries in Europe such as VII Gaztearte, Sala Araba de Vitoria Sala Caldeira in Oporto, House of Culture in Llanes, Aldame Gallery and Art Madrid.

3 Punts Galeria, solo show, Barcelona, ES
Art Madrid (art fair), ES

Absolute Art Gallery, Brussels, BE
“KunstRai Amsterdam” Art Fair, Amsterdam, NL
“One of a kind”. 3 Punts Galeria. Barcelona, ES
"Context Art Miami", at fair, Miami, USA

“Metrones” Collaboration with Cuchillo y Mcawen, Bilbao, ES
“Todo es vanidad” Projects office, Gijon, ES

“Ver mirar” Galeria Arancha Osoro, Oviedo, ES
“Espaciar” Galeria Aldma-Fabre, Bilbao, ES

“Ensayo de tracción” Colegio de Arquitectos, Oviedo, ES

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