Arièle Rozowy

Blue Moon
Rio Sunshine
Pink Bubble Gum
Près du soleil

Born in 1966, lives and works in Paris.
Education: L’école du Louvre in Paris.

Looking at Arièle Rozowys’ paintings, the artist invites us to continually reassess her work. From geometrical abstraction to kinetic art, movement, colour and light are key elements in her graphic work. She plays on our perception and encourages us to further discover the enigmatic features with regard to the simplicity of the plastic process. As Rozowy surrenders herself totally to her art, the dialogue between the painting, space and the viewer is greatly important to her. With her “Elusive Circles” one is drawn to colour at first, but as the perfect circle appears all over, we feel animated with the depth, the shadowplays and also the empty fields. Not everything can be grasped at first sight, one needs to explore the evolution and metamorphoses the materials allow in Rozowys’ work.

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