Robbert Fortgens

Robbert Fortgens

Green Fields
Three Colors of Blue II
Three Parts Red
Three In A Row
Under The Skin XI
4 Colors 2
In Four Directions
Left Stories IV
Spring Fields
Soft Morning Light III
Under The Skin in Two Parts

Born in Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1960

Robbert Fortgens’ works are abstract, radiating an exceptional energy, coming from a stage in life where the artist fully opts for the limits of the very essential. This major crossroad demands a confrontation of fear and loss, evolution and total focus, feeling extremely driven yet relaxed.

Physically challenging Robbert chooses to immerse himself completely in the build up of his works, layer upon layer as to let the creation fully unfold and flow. Each colour makes way for the next one, life upon life, being very present but not dominating, layers of the earth, the soul and the mind.

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