Gallery Brussels: Jimmy Nelson - Homage to Humanity

FROM 27/09/2018
TO 28/10/2018

From Thursday September 27th until Sunday October 28th runs a solo show in Absolute Art Gallery Brussels with the most recent work by Jimmy Nelson

On Thursday September 27th the new book will be presented in the presence of Jimmy.

Jimmy Nelson presents his new book ‘Homage to Humanity’. Next to the artist’s iconic photography of people from India, Namibia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea and many other countries, this new book also contains personal interviews with the portrayed people.

The included App allows the reader to be part of the artist’s most amazing journeys to some of the most remote and beautiful places on earth and to discover the values and importance their precious cultures have to offer. Jimmy Nelson shares with us the respectful bond he developed over time with their people and shows the beauty and wisdom of these tribes as never before.

You can register for the opening reception of Thursday September 27th (from 6 to 10 pm) via this link: SIGN IN

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