Gallery: Kustlaan "Grand Cru" Alan Kingsbury, solo show

FROM 4/04/2020
TO 26/04/2020

Due to the unprecedented situation and the concern over public health we regret to cancel this exhibition and reschedule the dates.

Alan Kingsbury, born in London UK in 1960, began painting in oils at the age of nine.  He studied Art history at the University of Wales and at the New Academy for Art Studies, specialising in old master and modern European painting and subsequently worked in museum and auction room environments.  From 1986 he turned to painting full time, working initially in Italy, then Scotland and since 1991 in West Cornwall, UK. He is an elected Academician of the Royal West of England Academy and today concentrates on large scale still life, interior and landscape compositions in a fluid and painterly style.

Alan Kingsbury delivers with “Grand Cru” a unique and mostly lively solo show.  Each canvas is a testimony of happy times and celebrations. The sparkling glassware telling us different stories: a scene in reality yet full of mystery.  Who was present? What was the reason behind this special occasion? Seeing the rich colors of the different wines and the very realistic compositions, one is tempted to grab a glass, simply sniff and taste the wine. Also the water in the glasses and pitchers appears so inviting, pure, transparent.  Even the unused stemware has an aura of a certain festivity to come.

In his typical and fluent style Alan Kingsbury arranges all the elements with a marvelous shadowplay on the canvas, which intensifies the power of the painting.  Each work is a request to become part of a story, the story Kingsbury tells, but also our very personal story, which will be different for each viewer. Do we remember a special evening?  Did we enjoy time spent with someone dear to us? Do we treasure a particular moment in time? Getting in the mood to plan a party maybe?

“Grand Cru” makes us dream and savor the moment...     


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