VAN 8/08/2014
TOT 31/08/2014

In this new body of work Luc Dratwa totally alters his course by adding a technological innovation to his creations. Augmented reality, accumulated technology and a perfect control allow the photographer to take on an unexpected challenge: fix two scenes in one. A completely innovative concept which upsets standards of photography. When Hi-Tech and contemporary art become one, the result is explosive: An innovative art project.

Behind smooth, wise and polished images of New York’s facades, a completely different reality reveals a moment of privacy. Anyone who sees the first photograph does not get access behind the scenes...
The discovery of the hidden face requires the use of a sesame: a Smartphone, Iphone, Android, or a tablet...
The work is immediately recognized and creates a whole new dimension. The photograph comes alive and actors enter the stage. When a work conceals another one, a curious eye enjoys to collect disseminated evidences, foreshadows of encounters on the inside. Then a dialogue occurs between both parts, an invitation to dream in which aesthetics,
subversive and phantasm are intermingled. Out of those paradoxes emerges a disturbing, spellbinding and apparent poetry. Behind the facade ... life.

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